School Structure

There are 6 different Levels at Dance Dynamics. These levels are based on the number of subjects a student participates in each week. Levels were formed to give parents & students the choice to decide their own level of commitment while also offering a reality of improvement rates based on ability and achievement of each performer. Below are the following levels:

Level 1 - Is a recreational level – 1 subject per wk

Level 2 - Is a Primary level - 2 subjects per wk- Eligible to audition for our performance troupe

Level 3 – Is an elementary level – 3 subjects per wk

Level 4 – Is an intermediate level – 4 subjects per wk

Level 5 – Is our pre-advanced level – 5 subjects per wk

Level 6 – Is our advanced level - 6 subjects per wk

Enrolment at Dance Dynamics not only teaches dance but also provides a positive lesson in commitment. A year can be a long time in a child's life therefore positive reinforcement from both parents and teachers is necessary in developing an understanding of commitment which will set them up for success in dance and in life!